Monday, July 3, 2017

State's newest winery open for business on Lake Ontario

Opening day at White Caps Winery. (photo provided)
New York State's newest winery officially opened for business on Saturday in Jefferson County.

Owner Gail Miller of White Caps Winery, located on Point Salubrious of Lake Ontario  just northwest of Watertown, says she already has her sights set on expanding her vineyard now that five years of work have resulted in the new farm winery.

Miller, a lifelong farm dweller, said she sees the winery as a logical outgrowth of the area.

"It's just got a wonderful history of supporting tourism, supporting our guests that come for the summer as well as the locals. So it just seems a natural for this environment," Miller said. "We have a great wine trail and plenty of other great wineries around me, so it's a great opportunity for people to roam about and try different wines and different vineyards."

Miller's initial portfolio consists of quartet of red (Pinot Noir, Red Neck Yacht Club, Red Sails, Sunset) and a trio of white (Golden Crescent, On the Rocks, Seyval Blanc) table wines.

White Caps is located at 11544 County Road 125, Chaumont, in the Lowville area. Phone: (315) 649-2400.

Grape cluster shows location of new winery. (Google maps)

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