Saturday, July 8, 2017

Wölffer Estate is growing younger with age

Joey Wolffer. (photo: Bridget Elkin)
From Edible East End
Even though Joey Wolffer had the most picturesque Hamptons childhood, cantering through rolling Sagaponack meadows and lounging on white sandy beaches, she was not entirely convinced that the family business was in her destiny. Until recently. But when she was just about ready to sell off her portion of Wölffer Estate to her brother, her mother and husband sat her down and asked her to really consider the decision.

“I really thought about it,” said Ms. Wolffer, “and I realized I was fearful of losing that part of our identity and legacy. I am a first generation American and I don’t want to give up this chance to pass this down to my children.”

So, she decided to join with her brother Marc, sixteen years her senior, to take over the family business. Since then, she hasn’t looked back. And Wölffer has never been the same.
You might notice, when cracking open a flowery pink Summer in a Bottle or finding your seat on the breezy patio of Wölffer Kitchen in Sag Harbor, that this is not the dark, rich oak of Wölffer past. And now, with the new renovation of the Tasting Room and a second Wölffer Kitchen opening in Amagansett, the young and fresh identity of Wolffer 2.0 is sealed.

“Once we decided we were going to take over, we knew the brand was moving in a different direction,” said Ms. Wolffer. “We knew it was more modern, younger.”
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