Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Finger Lakes group to amp up Riesling push in 2017

Finger Lakes Times
GENEVA -- The Finger Lakes Wine Alliance in 2017 is adding targeted initiatives and a presence in new markets -- including sommelier panel tastings -- to raise the profile of what has become a world-renowned wine region.

The annual Riesling Camp, scheduled for April, is expected to double in size and attract 16 to 20 wine professionals next year, said the Alliance. The three-day invitation-only workshop is designed to identify, educate and orient Finger Lakes brand ambassadors in key markets, particularly New York City.

The organization’s Riesling Rally, slated for mid-summer, will gather together member wineries that have committed to participating in Riesling Month activities planned for September. Riesling Rally introduces the annual September program with a tasting event hosted at a member winery.
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