Saturday, December 10, 2016

Propane storage vs. wine health debate goes to Albany

Vinnie Aliperti
From the Finger Lakes Times
ALBANY -- Two Genevans and a Seneca County elected official were among those speaking at Wednesday’s protest in Albany of Crestwood Midstream LLC’s plan to store up to 40 million gallons of liquid propane in underground salt caverns on the southwest shore of Seneca Lake in Reading, Schuyler County.

The three were among a group of Finger Lakes vineyard owners, business owners, union members, elected officials and residents in the state capitol to urge Gov. Andrew Cuomo to deny Crestwood a permit for its project, pending since 2009.

“The New York wine industry is flourishing, producing some of the finest wines in the state and nation,” said Vinny Aliperti, co-owner of Billsboro Winery in Geneva, winner of the 2016 Governor’s Cup wine of the year award [in the New York Wine & Food Classic competition].

“Gov. Cuomo’s continued support of our industry is appreciated and essential. We are confident that the governor will reject Crestwood’s dangerous gas storage plan because it will endanger our lake, harm tourism and threaten the wine and grape industry, which generates hundred of millions of dollars in state and local taxes annually.”
However, that's only one side of the debate. Go here for the full story.


  1. Rich the Engineer writes (via Dowd On Drinks):

    How about some valid, scientifically-based facts to go with that whine?

  2. Tom Baker writes (via Dowd On Drinks):

    “People across the nation are looking to our state to lead on energy and climate issues.”

    Very funny.

  3. Just A Sec writes (via Dowd On Drinks):

    In reply to Rich the Engineer --

    Is there any question? Support gas bombs, or the wine industry in New York?

    Remember the scam by gas bombers of floating storage tanks off Long Island? I think that’s going to be tried again. When the sh**t hits the fan, the oil and gas people run away and leave the mess for taxpayers to figure out.