Saturday, March 11, 2017

Another reason to keep on reading

Mark Oldman (photo provided)
Too many blogs and websites have succumbed to the practice of using "click bait"  tactics. You see it all the time -- using  half-truths, deliberately misleading teases, and other tacky methods to get you to click on their links. While doing so often leads to disappointment for the user, it does lead to  more ad revenue for the offender and, after all, that is the main purpose, isn't it?

 Here is just one example of the many I saw today. It's from the site called Business Insider. It reads: "A sommelier explains why you should buy the cheapest bottle on the wine list."

Well, sommelier Mark Oldman, author of "How To Drink Like a Billionaire,"  did sort of say that although not in such a declarative and all-encompassing way. Here is the full quote; I've underlined the part Business Insider avoided because it might have made it a less enticing headline:

"You are better served to order the cheapest wine, which diners often neglect out of fear or embarrassment and thus is often a better value. Just make sure you do so at a restaurant that cares about its wine, where even modestly prices wines are of admirable quality."

In case you do want to read the interview by Business Insider, just click here.

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