Monday, March 6, 2017

Warm spell not worrying Seneca Lake winery owners for now

Tending vines at Catherine Valley Winery (Spectrum/TWC photo)
• From Spectrum News
BURDETT, NY -- Over the past few days people across the region have taken advantage of some unseasonable weather. The warm spell brought hundreds out to the Seneca Lake Wine Trails.

"Everybody wants to get out, a little cabin fever," said Don Kilcoyne, Catherine Valley Winery co-owner. "Everyone wants to see what's going on. We've had an increase in people. It's been nice."

Although most have enjoyed the warm weather, some question whether it will make a difference in this year's grape crop. Management at Catherine Valley Winery say they aren't worried just yet. Kilcoyne says the vines haven't acclimated to the warmth so far, which is a good thing.

"All of the vineyards and a lot of my local friends with vineyards around here, we've all kind of echoed the same sentiment," said Kilcoyne. "The vines are still very cold hearty. The buds are very dormant. Things have not broken free yet."

However, if the warm spell continues later into the season and then gets drastically cold, it could spell trouble.
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